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Fan Art

I got bored today.

Death On A Park Bench by ~Exies on deviantART

Hope you like it! There's also a watercolor (I guess) of Daniel on my DA. Always love imput!

Rare T Shirt :)

Hi pixies! I'm selling my Sandman tee. It's rare in in mint condition. Or just enjoy looking at the pic. ;P
I'd like it to go to a good home...


Just because...

Because nothing has been posted in awhile...

That is all.

there's sand in your eye

Hey people! check this out.Its pretty funny!

Actual News...For Once

Later this year - if all goes well - Neil Gaiman will be directing his first feature film. It's an adaptation of his Death: The High Cost of Living mini-series...

Which leads me to scream about and jump up and down and thank my dad for finding this...

..now to pray that it is true....




...who's already excited about Absolute Sandman Vol. 2?

I am. And I'm hoping for an Amazon misprice again...otherwise I'm going to have problems getting a copy due to a lack of funding.

This post is, of course, a shameless plug to get the community some activity.

And to announce that yes, it is a Death fan club, but I don't mind if we chat about other Gaiman things....like the Stardust movie...or the Coraline movie...

..or whatever...

It's still rather a bit quiet here.

I do hope it picks up.

*peer* Anyone there?

Wow, I just found this place, and realized that there hasn't been a post since April 2006! ^__^  Bums me out a tad, because I'm quite a death fan. But! At least the community still exists. That means there's a possibility that more people will join. Hopefully. But anyway, my name's Sarah, and I'm from Ontario, Canada. Nice to meet everyone.

Apr. 14th, 2006

ok, i think its getting kinda boring here,with just 2 people.I think its time we started some kinda mass advertising to let people know about this community.What do you think?

Looky! a Post!

Yes, a post.

I drew a quick sketch of Death I really liked and wanted to share it with somebody...



I was feeling like trying my hand at making icons and I made the following two for the community.Please tell me what you think!They're my first attempt at icons!!
Both feature Death and were made with brushes from ~inxsomniax.


Death's fan club, while I think still a nice idea, is dead.....really dead.

Its is to be expected when working with Death...I guess....

Not Here Really

So, like, this comunnity seems to be going nowhere...which is rather sad.

I think it minght be me, seeing as I'm not the type of person to post the link to this community all over the other communities for the Sandman.

...so, here I am, basically talking to myself on a semi-non-existant community...

I'm still going to post pictures of my Halloween Death costume if I ever get the pics....


Yes, a communtiy for Death from Neil Gaiman's Sandman, though I don't mind posts on anything else Sandman related or Gaiman related.....or comic related for that matter!

Why a community for Death? She's cool. And kinda crazy. She's Morpheus' big sis, and that in its-self must count for something.

Besides, she didn't have her own community...and she's nice enough to have one.

Now, lets hope someone finds this community...



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